High Power Sports Camp
  • 3300 North 1st Street
    Lincoln, NE 68521

  • Church Grounds

High Power Sports Camp

Sports Camp

High Power Clubs offer an ideal setting for children to grow in their sport skills and be in a safe environment to learn about God’s word. In our culture, competitive sports have taken away the concept of fun and play among children and replaced it with unhealthy competition. High Power Clubs help children learn skills to improve in their sport in a healthy environment while attending your church and getting Biblical life lessons.


  • Provide opportunities for children to learn skills and grow in their personal faith.
  • Use sports as a tool to share the word and love of God.
  • Give young athletes with a vision for integrating sports and faith.
  • A process for developing a biblical worldview in children and youth.
OLEFC 2018 Sports Camp
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