Plan to Visit?

If you are thinking of visiting us, we’re so glad you are! Here is what you can expect on a normal Sunday morning at Oak Lake:

  • Our main service starts at 9:30.
  • We have coffee ready and waiting for you right when you come though the doors!
  • Our music style is a blend: we love singing songs from the past but we also love singing new songs as well. Some Sundays you’ll hear just the piano and a guitar, other Sundays, you’ll hear a full band. Either way, we want the music to honor the Lord and encourage your heart.
  • Dress code? We’re casual! We’re more concerned about your heart than what you wear!
  • Preaching style? Our pastor loves teaching through books of the Bible. As we go verse by verse we get a better picture of what God's heart is and what His desires are for us.
  • We have a Sunday school hour from 11:00-12:00.